The must-have four-channel multi-effects for iOS from MoMinstruments just got more MIDI functionality – meaning you can get hands-on control. Plus, it’s on a special Easter sale for the stupidly-low US$4.99.

It’s the love child of a KAOSS Pad, a powerful multi-effects box, and a pedalboard – with tons of options for routing different combinations. But if what kept you from using Elastic FX was wanting more knobs and faders to tweak, this could be the one for you. Beefed-up MIDI features make even the iPhone version usable – just tuck your phone (or an iPod touch) under a MIDI controller, and you have a deep programmable effect for your rig.

Developer Oliver Greschke shows it off with one of my favorite drum machines, the LXR-02 from Erica Synths, and a simple KORG controller (nanoKEY Studio, which has the benefit of wireless operation).

Here’s what’s new – basically, MIDI control is easier to map and store, and you can make MIDI macros to control multiple parameters from just one knob, fader, or the like:

– Midi Setup gets stored now for each preset
– Ability to change several Parameters with only one Midi Controller
– Ability to switch direction and the impact amount of a Midi Controller
– Midified most Master FX Knobs
– Bugfix: Loss of deep frequency power

Oliver has been hard at work on this one – the sleeper hit, perhaps, in case you only know the excellent Elastic Drums. Full latest-version Ableton Link support is there, tweaks and fixes across a wide variety of devices, Audioshare support, a new preamp section, and a nice new reverb are among the additions you may have missed.

Full feature set:

– Multi-effects app created by the developers of Elastic Drums
– 4 effect units with different routing options
– Choose one of 40 available stereo effects in each effect unit
– Broad range of different effects of the following categories: Modulation, Pitch, Distortion, Filter, Delay, Reverb, Others
– Additional master effects section with level meters, 3 band equalizer, compressor, stutter fx
– XY-Pad to easily control the most important effect values (Kaoss Pad style)
– Possibility to automate/record the XY-Pad tweaks (1,2,4,8 bars length)
– Automated tweaks and some effects (PingPong Delay) get played in sync via Ableton Link/Inter-App Audio
– Audiobus 3 support
– Inter-App Audio support
– Simple audio player to test the effects with audiofiles
– Tweak the most important parameters via Midi, Midi learn option
– Switch user-presets with Midi Program Change messages
– Save, load and share user presets

Check it out and the rest of the MoMinstruments collection. (Disclosure: I worked on the first release of WretchUp, back in the day.)