Touch a parameter in Live, then take control with MIDI – one at a time. It’s on-the-fly MIDI mapping, without the MIDI maps, and it’s free in the latest ElisabethHomeland gem.

Speaking of ElisabethHomeland, here goes:

MIDI learn works well enough for a lot of tasks. But what if you just want to take control of a particular parameter – say a filter cutoff – write some automation, and then be done with it? That’s where this utility comes in:

Another reason to know this will be useful is that there are a handful of third-party controllers that already are set up to work this way. Now you can use any controller you want – which also means quick Push control, as you see in the demo, without messing around with Push’s custom layouts and whatnot (leaving in place its usual mappings).

And it’s free. Looks handy (so to speak) for some track finishing here, in case that turns out to be your New Year’s resolution (It, uh, for sure is mine!)

Touch me

Nándor T. has given us other niceities, too, like UI wrappers and a master varispeed.

There’s more Max for Live goodness and other freebies coming your way, so stay tuned as we slide into the new year. (Don’t worry, you’re there in my inbox.)