Getting too sucked up in your production and forgetting you’re a human who needs to move around? This free Max for Live device from Ableton Live for Drummers will remind you, complete with a set of yoga videos (or videos of your choice).

Okay, this is a little bit redundant in that there are plenty of reminder apps. (You can also use a Pomodoro Method timer, among others.) But it is a fact that a lot of us benefit from frequent stretch breaks. There are a set of yoga videos by default, but you can choose your own playlist of whatever you find useful – in case Yoga with Kassandra is not your speed.

In the blog post, they make a strong argument for why this is beneficial. I can attest to that – it’s what’s kept me doing CDM for nearly 20 years. Getting in the flow is really great, but if you find yourself getting out of the flow, that’s often because your brain and body can get a bit stuck if you stare at the screen for too long at a time.

Stay Healthy and Exercise for music producers

Free download:

Take a break and EXERCISE for Ableton Live – Max for Live device

It’s also nice that you can drop this into your default template session so it’s always there. That’s what I do with NTPD from ELPHNT for notes:

Oh yeah, templates:

Creating new or blank Template Sets [Ableton Help]