Access’ Virus TI and TI2 may have been quietly discontinued this year, but the love for them continues. And now Nick Kaniak has unveiled a powerful-looking editor for the two instruments, built in Max for Live. That’s great news for macOS users who lack an editor – and even Push support is coming.

The Virus TI was first released in 2009, but it’s been a favorite ever since. Check the videos below for reasons why —it’s an especially potent ingredient for techno, among other genres. broke the news in February that the Virus seems to have been discontinued, waxing elegiac in German. (For English, see Gearnews, who also wrote up some alternatives for Virtual Analog synthesis in November – even if that’ll be sacrilege to the Virus crowd.)

Finally, a new cross-platform editor

The Virus is a beast, and there’s quite a lot you can do on its front panel – but the full sonic capabilities are still locked inside. Nick’s editor goes after this on two levels, with basic tweaks via MIDI Control Change, and then a more powerful SysEx “deep dive” mode that “unlocks meticulous control over every parameter, all carefully mapped.”

Nick’s efforts here appear to be ongoing, but already there’s a ton of power in this – and a sophisticated UI that should look right at home in Live.

Features (this is not a review, as I don’t have access to the Access at the moment):

Comprehensive control of all parameters found in Virus Control: Easy Macro page, Simple program select, Oscillators, Filters, LFOs, Mod Matrix, Arpeggiator by presets, FXs and common settings.

And this just got some major updates in V1.1:

  • Total Arpeggiator Control: Sculpt your sequences with newfound precision, even in User mode!
  • Automation Powerhouse: Every parameter is now tagged for automation, unlocking creative possibilities.
  • Flexible Modulation: Create complex soundscapes with single and multi-mode modulation, complete with MIDI channel selection.
  • Bug Squashing: Minor bugs have been squashed, ensuring a smooth workflow.
  • Main Output Defined: Take control of your primary output selection directly from the patch.
  • Preset Power Boost (Partial): We’ve made strides in improving preset power-up functionality for both single and multi-mode.
  • Push Integration (Early Steps): Get ready for some exciting possibilities as we begin integrating Push functionality.

Plus, now in development:

  • Hardware Preset Mirroring: Seamlessly switch between hardware and software presets.
  • Random Parameter Generator: Spark inspiration with the click of a button.
  • Entire Browsable Preset Library: Dive into a vast preset library at your fingertips.
  • Audio Over USB (In Progress): Explore the potential of audio routing directly through USB.

All for 10 EUR. Check the project site – makes me wish for a Virus to reappear around here. Sorry, Access Virus, we went through the other one already (and it might even be related to this being discontinued, ah parts shortages…)

Virus TI/2 Editor Control Max for Live V1.1

Virus love, in videos

My colleague and friend Jamaica Suk has made some real bangers with this instrument. She walks through her process in this video, which I think shows the appeal of Virus better than anything – and volca FM, which you can definitely get your hands on even if you don’t have the Access:

Blush Response takes a decidedly more aggressive approach, but I think Jamaica would also endorse this headline:

Or just listen as its presets trance out:

Let’s ask a magic genie for a Virus TI3, for sure.