Livid’s New VJ Hardware/Software Combo

Software alone is a painful way to VJ, without something to trigger and control clips and effects. Livid’s Tactic hardware had the right idea, with buttons for clips, faders and knobs for layering and effects, and even a built-in LCD — plus a lovely polished-wood case. (No cheap plastic here.) But it also had a […]

VJing with a Hardware-Centered Rig: Go, Go, Holly Daggers

“For me, it’s like a music video,” says Holly. “What I do has more to do with go-go dancing than a DJ. I am the video equivalent of a go-go dancer.” My story on NYC VJ Holly Daggers (of Eyewash fame) is now available online from Keyboard Magazine: VJ Holly Daggers: Go-Go Music Videos Go […]

Peter Kirn - September 15, 2005

Historic Keys Sampled: Clavichords, Virginals, More for Logic, Kontakt, Giga, Halion

Let’s talk about vintage keys. No, not Minimoogs and Roland Junos. I mean really vintage keys: 17th and 18th Century clavichords. Assuming you don’t work at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, why not turn to our friends at Post Musical Instruments (PMI) for some sample libraries: PMI Clavichords (New from PMI; US$55) PMI Historic Keyboards […]

Peter Kirn - September 15, 2005

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