Here’s a quick, simple one: want to enable or disable devices on Push 3 with just one button instead of two? valium|du|peuple has us covered with this free download.

At the risk of boring folks with Push 3 updates, I’d say we’re well on our way to a nicely-updated guide to hacking and customization. (I’ll try and make a wiki page for that or something.) So this is a simple but useful modification for Push 3 in both standalone and controller modes:

If, like me, you hate the way devices are switched on/off on Push, then you might find this M4L tool useful.

Instead of the default 2-hands gesture (hold Mute and press a device’s selector button), Push3-Device unMute repurposes the (useless) Learn button which is then used to turn on/off the currently selected device. Simple as that. You can use the User button if you prefer.

That’s it! Sold.

Push3-Device unMute – a better way to turn on/off devices on Push 3

And of course this a nice chaser to Friday’s story: