Bitwig 4.2: Note Grid for modular note processing and generation, plus a bunch of new effects

Okay, weekend warriors – Bitwig Studio 4.2 beta is here, and it’s got a good reason to get on the Grid modular patching train. Think note processing and generation in a really intuitive way. Plus whether or not that’s your speed, they’ve got 3 audio effects x 4 characters = stuff most everyone will want.

3 more FX from 4Pockets

3 more FX from 4Pockets to compliment their mastering series of audio unit v3 fx apps from last week. These are ‘modulation’ fx and includes a flanger, phaser and vintage vibe

Ashley Elsdon - August 27, 2018

Free Delay Modulator AUv3 Anyone? DLYM is for you then

Free Delay Modulator AUv3 Anyone? DLYM is for you then. It’s brought to us by the people who make DRC Poly Synth, and also LK, a controller for Ableton Live

Ashley Elsdon - May 31, 2018

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